TwtDominator Faq

  • Whats the format of account uploads with/without proxies ?

    Ans) Every File what we upload is text (.txt) file. Accounts format will be Username:Password For ex: [email protected]:1234567
    If Assigning proxies to accounts then it should be :

  • Which type of proxies can we use with the software?

    our software is compatible with any https proxies,public or private but we recommend you to use private proxies.

  • What all other products we have?

    we offer wide range of products & services here is the link

  • What should be the minimum VPS configuration for running our software?

    Here are the specifications for the VPS to run our software —
    Depending on how many accounts you want to run you can choose to get a VPS from 2Gb to 16Gb of RAM.
    30Gb Hdd ( you’ll have around 11Gb free after the OS is installed)

  • Is Scrapping Website is legal?

    It’s perfectly legal to scrape any website.All major web search engines like google,yahoo,bing scrape millions of sites everyday.