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There’s no doubt that Twitter, with its 313 million monthly active users,has become a great marketing tool for business today. With growing targeting, analytics, promotional tactics and marketing tools provided by Twitter, it’s definitely a great arsenal in your digital marketing tool kit.

Now Brands have been opening Twitter accounts thick and fast like you, but how confident are you of obtaining real results, and are you able to measure the impact of their messaging on the microblogging network? So the difficulty remains: Who will you reach on Twitter? How will you reach them? How effectively are you using this tool? How can you tell if you’ve done a good job? etc.

Auto Follow

Auto follow users in your niche by keywords or by their user ids or by their usernames. Also you can follow followers of another user by specifying username or id.

Auto Tweet

Auto post tweets to keep your followers engaged. You can post single or multiple tweets at a time.

Auto DM

Send direct message to all your followers at once or schedule and send DM at specified time.

Auto Retweet/ Favourite

Want to increase your retweets or favourites to your tweet? Auto retweet/ favourite by specifying keywords or by list.


Unfollow users who not followed you back. Also unfollow users by their user ids or by their usernames.

Automatically follow your all followers in a single click.
Advance Filtering

Advance filtering helps you to keep connections with only active users. Filter users who posted minimum or max no. of tweets, filter by min or max no. of followers, filter by min or max no. of followings and filter users who have not tweeted in the last no. of days.


Schedule your tweets, retweets, favourites, following, scraping, followers or almost any activity to run at the best time.


Scrape users from keywords, names and also get a list of trending hashtags easily.

Campaign Manager

Easily create different campaigns for different process and run them all together.

Accounts Manager

Easily manage your multiple accounts for various activities.

Support Proxies

You can run your accounts on proxies so no footprints will be there.

The only Software which works on both windows and Mac OS

What People Are Saying About FaceDominator Tools

  • “I have tried many other tools to get retweets/favs done but most of the softs fail working after few days lacking updates but this product comes with a great support and future updates always so no worries of bugs,they will sort out in upcoming updates.Perfect solution for twitter marketers out there also you can turn this into income if you really have a plan to do,good luck twt dominator & team you guys are dominating in the software world :D”

    IamBlackhatter -

    “I was blessed to have this software. I`m using it for a month and a half now and I can say I`m pleased with almost everything. I made 30 accounts when I first got the software. After a month and a half none of them are banned and they`re just stacking up followers. Support is online 24/7 and usually respond pretty quickly, they are also open for requests and I think that`s the best part.”

    ravaell -

    “I would like to say that it is just the best software that I have ever used. If you are going to try Twitter, Twt dominator is especially created for YOU! It will help you to save huge amount of time on important actions such as on : following, unfollowing, tweeting and etc. Everything works amazing and perfectly!
    If you want to really DOMINATE Twitter use TwtDominator for it!!!!

    tokokipiani -

Facedominator is now available for Mac and Windows PC. Subscribe, download and follow the prompts for installation

32 bit and 64 bit compatible

Higher bit count architecture pours in more strength as compared to older systems. This gives better output with lesser efforts in short durations.

24 x 7 Active support

The best in class support system available round the clock. Whenever you need, We are here.