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Linkeddominator or basically LinkedIn Marketing Tool empowers you to reach 300 million plus registered users using LinkedIn service. With over 300+ million members and 65% of them being key decision makers, it’s been faster, easier and more cost effective to get your message in front of potential clients, journalist, partner’s and even with future employees using Linkeddominator.
Linkeddominator now let’s you to find common ground to connect linkedin users with advanced filters and also allow you to constantly build your LinkedIn network, build your inc or business brand with highly accurate Information.
Linked dominator have helped thousands of small business and entrepreneurs to improve their LinkedIn marketing and LinkedIn publicity efforts so they can get more brand visibility, become thought leaders in their industry, attract more targeted prospects, get more speaking engagements, instill credibility, increase client base,sales and of course – generate higher profits

Add Connections

Add connections to your Linkedin profile by using keywords, profile urls or email addresses.

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Linkedin Groups Poster

Auto post to linkedin groups, schedule your posts, select on which groups you want to post or post on all groups from your multiple accounts

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Auto Send Messages

Send personal message to all your first connections with the option of filter by keywords.

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Wall Poster

Auto post to your linkedin profile, schedule your posts.

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Find Groups in your niche

Enter your targeted keywords and automatically find groups in your niche.

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Send Mass Message To Group Members

Auto send mass messages to group members filtered by keywords.

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Group Member Inviter

Invite your connections to join your groups and market to them later all on Autopilot.

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Group Member Scraper

Scrape members of group.

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Company Scraper

Scrape company details on linkedin with very advanced filters.

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Linkedin Scraper With Advance Pro Filters

Scrape like a rockstar with advanced filters like company size, industry, fortune 1000, interested in, join date, seniority level, language & more.

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Company Employee Scraper

Scrape details of all the employees from any company with advanced filters like scraping employee from specific country, or by keywords

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Accounts Manager

Easily manage your multiple accounts for various activities.

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Support Proxies

You can run your accounts on proxies so no footprints will be there.

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What People Are Saying About LinkedDominator Tools

  • “It is one of the best tool i have in my arsenal and i’ll be using for a long time. It can even be used as a poster for SEO purposes (even though you miss the point doing so ;)) This tool is well developped, stable, intuitive and quite fast!

    This tool is a real no brainer! Go for it you wouldn’t be disapointed, you can’t be wrong here.”

    HostStage -

    “Don’t listen to the other guys, this software isn’t as good as they make it sound!

    Its actually MUCH MUCH MUCH BETTER!!!!

    I’ve been building up my Linked IN profile for a while, but by using this tool I can massively up scale what I am currently doing, and literally bathe in all kinds of Leads from all kinds of industries :)”

    Georgebg -

    “Have been using this software for a while now, it is a kick-ass software. Linkedin is under rated, it is basically an untouched market where business owners are at!
    Good thng about linkedin is that you get to approach the owners / people-in-charge DIRECTLY , avoiding the boring gate-keeper(receptionist).
    This is a great piece of tool that can land you clients like a piece of cake!”

    LukaB -

Linkeddominator is now available for Windows PC. Subscribe, download and follow the prompts for installation

32 bit and 64 bit compatible

Higher bit count architecture pours in more strength as compared to older systems. This gives better output with lesser efforts in short durations.

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