LinkedDominator Faq

  • Do I need to keep my PC running when any process in LinkedDominator is in active stage?

    Yes, you need to keep your PC running until the process gets executed. If you don’t want to keep your PC running for long, just purchase a normal VPS and you will be good to go.

  • What should be the minimum VPS configuration for running LinkedDominator?

    Depending on how many accounts you want to run you can choose to get a VPS from 2Gb to 16Gb of RAM. 30Gb Hdd (you’ll have around 11Gb free after the OS is installed)

  • What type of proxies would be best to use with LinkedDominator?

    Our LinkedDominator can work with any kind of HTTP proxies, Right now we don’t support Socks proxies. Also for best usage we suggest to use private proxies instead of public proxies.

  • Can I use LinkedDominator on multiple computers?

    NO, 1 License of LinkedDominator is licensed to use in 1 PC only. If you are looking to use on multiple computers, you need to purchase multiple license.

  • How do I mass import accounts over LinkedDominator?

    You need to save your account credentials in a notepad file (.txt) in which the accounts will be in format.
    And if you are using proxies linked with accounts then the format will be

  • Where can I download the setup file?

    After you have registered with us, you should have received an email that contains all the informations about how to download and install the software.
    If you want to re-download the setup file, head over to this link

  • How to generate the License key for my purchase?

    Login to the client area with the same credentials which you used while creating account with us. After logging head to “My services” and you will find the product with the key. You can use that in your downloaded software.
    If any issues persists just drop us a mail, ticket or message over skype and we will help you with that.

  • Is scraping website is legal?

    It’s perfectly legal to scrape any website.All major web search engines like google,yahoo,bing scrape millions of sites everyday.